Nazi German concentration camps on occupied Polish territory

During World War II Poland disappeared from the map of Europe. It was divided by the Nazis and the Soviets who established on this territory their own influence zone. These two regimes have committed many millions of murders. They are guilty of creating a machine of slaughter of Slavs, Jews and Roma. One of the factors of that terror were extermination camps and labour camps. Poles were victims of the slaughter in their own country. The Holocaust, of which the originators and creators were legally elected by Germans – Nazi, was directed at residents of prewar Poland. It is false and dishonourable to accuse Poland and Poles of any complicity in German and Russian war crimes. Poland was one of the first victims of Soviet Union and Nazi terror. If you are interested in details and evidences, please look for it in the Auschwitz – Birkenau and in the Katyń Forest.


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